Here, There, and Everywhere

Bruh bruhs,

The winter  break has brought out the night owl in me. Since I don’t have to work tomorrow morning, I thought seriously about attending yet another event tonight. (That makes five nights! That’s like a workweek of being “in those streets” as mama likes to say.)

Instead, I have decided to sit in my bed with a cup of soup, a turkey sandwich, and the world wide web.

Facebook is sucking my brain out of my eyeballs. I am loving every second of it.

Beyond that, I think that I am developing ADHD because of all of the ads and links that I follow. My internet travels are like a Family Circus comic.  Image

Right now, I have three tabs open: Facebook, Fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo, and Local drawing classes.

Let’s see where the next 15 minutes take us.

  1. Online Stopwatch : I got to be official.
  2. Facebook: I added two new friends. I forgot that I was supposed to do that earlier today.
  3. FGLNC2: Again.
    1. I’m looking for more info on affordably gorgeous clothes.
    2. What’s that I see? A comment I left with no gravatar. Oh, no I didn’t. I must change that NOW.
    3. Rummage through my computer to establish a gravatar.
      1. Um, this is n-o-t working.

                                                               i.      Oh, well, let’s update the email account.

  1. Gmail to change my blog’s email account.
  2. Back to WordPress to attempt the gravatar change once more.
    1. I totally give up . .. For now.  . .
    2. FGLNC2! Ooh. Clothes!
      1. 8:11 Gawk at baby daddy geometrical dress.
      2. Cringe at £139.00 price tag. Sigh. (Might I add, I really thought Britain was on that whole Euro thing. Guess I better read the news. I would’ve definitely lost that bet. What else don’t I know? Yikes.)
      3. Ooh, a list called Fat Lifestyle Blogs. Drooling . . .
        1. Clicked on Corpulent
        2. Now strapped into school . . . This is a fat acceptance site, but not a thing is light and fluffy about the Read This First link.
        3. 8:15 now at Discourse by Dr. Samantha Thomas reading about Weight. An Emotional Issue.
          1. Brain wrinkling. This is deep.
          2. Riiiiinng! Tab Count 9
          3. Bonus: Facebook Check!
            1. New friend!

This is winter break. This is my life right now.

This is delicious.

Hoping it was as linky for you as it was for me. 
— Bossy

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