I’m cute. Feed me!


Bossy Belly is considering returning to school to do something awesome, flavorful, and self-directed. I called my mom and said that I wanted to go back to grad school, she replied, “Great, but you need to know how you’re going to support yourself because you’re grown now.”

I am writing this for two reasons. Well, three. I want to be able to document the actual day that my mother admitted that I am an adult and I want there to be witnesses to said fact. Finally, after all these years of fighting for her to actually say those words, I would now like for her to take them back.

I, at almost thirty, would like to shout that I still think my parents are unfair. I’m stomp through the house, slam my door, and scream angry about this. I have seen other people receive so much from my parents over the years and now, I am told not to even ask because the option is not there. I feel very prodigal son’s brother like.

I can say that I do appreciate the warning because I like to eat and I’m going to need to do that during graduate school—albeit less.

Anyone who has read two day’s of Bossy Belly knows that I never cringe at a binge. I’m going to have to fund my habit while I go back for the Master’s.  

Here’s to financial aid,


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