Pho is Vietnamese for Goodness.

Tonight I Zumbaed. I loved it. I got to shake what my mama gave me without feeling like I’d need to repent later. Plus, there’s no cover for a dance class. I pay my dues once a month, so I can have all the Pitbull inspired steps those hour long classes can hold.

My instructor turns off the lights and uses a rotating club light during class. Apparently, some people have complained about the dimly lit room. I love it. I feel more comfortable shaking my salt shaker when I feel like people really can’t see what I’m doing it. The darkness lets me hide, and I’m OK with that.

What did I eat after the class? I had Vietnamese pho soup. De-li-cious. It’s up there with Camicakes for making you want to go through the maternity ward and slap everybody: all of them, mothers of twins can get it twice.

I really like Little Saigon Café in Orange Park. I’ve only tried one other place in Jacksonville, but this place is great. When you put the cilantro, basil, an sprouts in the broth it’s like the freshness oozes into the soup and you wonder why you ever eat anything else—ever. Tonight I had seafood pho with shrimp, squid, and scallops. Sometimes I get the House Pho with all types of beef in it, but tonight I felt like eating with the fishes. Glad I did.

Get you some mo’ pho soup tonight,





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