12-12-12? That’s like a dozen donuts to the third powder.


This will be short and sweet, like my encounters with Krispy Kreme donuts.

Listen, I eat too much. You know it. I know it.

Somebody stop me.

Today I ate two paltry meals at home. I ate breakfast, a milkshake, and a meal in my car. I also ate one meal at work, and one meal at a restaurant. I would like to say that I’m just really healthy and I’m trying to rev my metabolism with mini-meals. That would be a lie. I’m just enjoying too many meals each day.

Honestly, I’m not even enjoying them. I keep thinking about rats pressing the same button in order to get a past emotion. I keep pressing this button and nothing is working. When I eat certain foods, I don’t feel full. I just feel like I need to eat more of them.

At least I am done eating for the night.

Sweet dreams (Yum),



2 thoughts on “12-12-12? That’s like a dozen donuts to the third powder.

  1. A dozen donuts to the third power? HILARIOUS. I have had to completely obliterate the KKD’s from my life. It was getting out of hand. I can’t eat just one. Or 2. No other donut ANYWHERE can compare. I just had to be brave and end the relationship. Its hard though. I can smell them at 1000 paces.

    • Thank you for appreciating my love of bad puns . . . and good donuts. Luckily, the nearest shop is at least 30 minutes away. I never want one badly enough to actually drive to get it.

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